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July 31, 2014



Coffee and Conversation FAQs

By Richard Swindell and Mark Lockwood


Thanks to everyone who stopped by during the last couple of weeks to chat and have coffee with us.  If you we not able to get by and say hello, our email inbox is always open.  The following are the most frequently asked questions that we received and answered.  Thanks again for taking an active role in our professional union process.


Q:  What’s going on with negotiations?

A:  Mediation has been on hold since Joel Kuplack left the Company. Next tentatively scheduled session is October 7 and 8. 


Q:  Is the company still asking for concessions?

A:  Yes and no.  They aren’t asking for concessions if we are willing to do a short term deal, otherwise they still are asking for concessions. 


Q:  When does our jet services agreement with US Airways end?

A:  The end of 2015.  However there is an option to extend the contract for a certain number of planes for a certain amount of time past that date.  The Company refuses to provide us with any details about that extension.  Please read the 29 July X-Ray for more information on the extension.


Q:  Which carriers are currently hiring?

A:  Nearly all US carriers big and small are currently hiring.  Although FedEx is not currently accepting applications, the rumor is that there will be a window opening up shortly. Incoming MEC Chairman Chris Suhs and I are working on finalizing a deal with MEC approval to bring FAPA Aero in this fall to conduct several interview preparation workshops.  Look for more details on this program as a benefit of ALPA membership in the near future.  


Q:  Will there be more United open house opportunities in the future?

A:  These events are taking place over two sets of two days each on August 13 – 14 and September 24 – 25 in Chicago at the UAL MEC Office and at the UAL Training Center in Denver.  This collaborative venture between the UAL MEC and the ALPA National Fee For Departure Committee has evolved into substantially more than just a series of informational sessions on the UAL hiring process (as it was originally conceived a couple of months ago), to a pre-screening event for the UAL hiring department for which pilots will be able to add points to their UAL application moving them along to being considered for an interview.  If these sessions are successful from UAL’s point of view, there are likely to be more of these sessions offered in the fall and in 2015.  {Richard Swindell: As the National FFDC Chairman, I am also talking to several other large jet operators about replicating this process at other properties as well.}


Q   When did Envoy (née Eagle) get 900s?

A:  They didn’t.  The new CRJ-900s that you have seen in CLT are the new PSA operated CRJ-900s in the new American Eagle livery.  All of the express carriers will be operated as “American Eagle” in the future.


Q:  What is ALPA PAC and what does it do?

A:  ALPA’s political action committee (ALPA PAC) is the most effective way pilots earn influence in our nation’s capital. By pooling donations from ALPA members, we are able to create and educate pilot partisan Members of Congress who support our union's legislative agenda regardless of political affiliation. Our goal is to ensure a pro-pilot majority in the House and the Senate. ALPA PAC also helps build the relationships we need to win in Washington, DC. No dues money is used for political purposes. ALPA PAC is funded 100% by voluntary contributions from ALPA members.


PAC has been responsible for these big ticket items:

·         Getting Part 117 through congress and having the FAA implement it

·         Securing funding for the FFDO program

·         Known Crew Member

·         Denying NAI


Q:  How can I donate to ALPA PAC?

A:  Please visit http://www.alpa.org/ALPAPAC/tabid/1865/Default.aspx for more information on how your PAC dollars are used to defend and advance our industry and profession and to set up a monthly recurring contribution that is comfortable for your budget.  Remember, percentage of participation is more important right now than dollars contributed – we need the biggest voice we can get on Capitol Hill.  {If you need help retrieving your ALPA number and password, contact Membership Services: 1-888-FLY-ALPA (1-888-359-2572) for assistance - select prompts 3, then 3, then prompt 1 if you know your ALPA number, or prompt 3 to speak to an ALPA representative. Available weekdays 0900-1700 Eastern Time.}


Q:  How long before Air Wisconsin goes out of business?

A:  Beats us.  Air Wisconsin continues not to tell us what the plan for the future is or if they even have one.


Bonus:  Why did Swindell step down?


A:  I didn’t step down; I elected not to run again.  ALPA President Lee Moak appointed me to chair the National Fee for Departure Committee, where I’ll be working with all 12 ALPA regional airline MECs including our Canadian brothers and sisters at Jazz.  I made the difficult decision not to seek re-election and to turn over the leadership of the ARW pilot group to someone who would have the appropriate amount of time to focus on ARW issues.  So after my term as MEC Chairman comes to an end on August 25, I will be able to focus full-time on the duties of the National Fee for Departure Committee, but also assist the MEC on various special projects, which include assisting the Negotiating Committee on an interim basis.

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ARW ALPA Pilot Support Structure

Have you ever needed assistance with an issue and weren’t sure where to turn?  Have you ever opened up the ARW Directory attached to every PDH and wondered what each of the committees and all those pilot volunteers are doing?  The following is a short description of what each of those resource groups do and how they are collectively supporting and representing our interests and profession.


MEC Officers – responsible for the day to day operation of ARW ALPA and support of the entire pilot group and volunteer corps.


LEC Officers – responsible for the day to day operation of their local executive council and support of the local council pilots (Council 49 DCA; Council 50 ORF / LGA; Council 51 PHL).  Local pilot representatives are pilots’ first line resource for airline and piloting-related assistance.


ALPA Legal – ALPA attorney assigned specifically to represent the ARW pilots in matters of pilot contract and railway labor law.


Aeromedical Committee – assists pilots with issues pertaining to the issuance of FAA medical certificates as well as short and long term disability leaves.


Central Air Safety Committee (CASC) – oversees all ground and airborne safety programs for the MEC, including ASAP, FOQA, and CIRP

Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) Committee – oversees this program for the MEC and participates as representatives on the ALPA-FAA-Company Event Review Committee.

Critical Incident Response Program (CIRP) Committee – supports pilots who have experienced critical events and provides resources to deal with traumatic experiences, including personal and well as flight-related occurrences.

Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) Committee – oversees this electronic data collection and review process for this operational quality control program for the MEC.


Communications Committee – manages the MEC’s multimodal communications platform.


Grievance Committee – processes pilot complaints as they specifically relate to violations of the collective bargaining agreement (CBA – “the contract”) through the pre-grievance “issue form”, and assists the ALPA Legal team and MEC with representing pilots in cases where the company has accused the pilot of wrongdoing. 


Hotel Committee – processes pilot feedback on overnight accommodations; inspects, recommends, and approves crew rest facilities. 


Furlough Assistance Committee – not currently formed; provides assistance and resources to support affected ARW pilots when the company is forced to furlough.


Jumpseat / Security Committee – maintains airline jumpseat agreements and addresses airport and aircraft security concerns for the MEC and pilot group.


Legislative Affairs Committee – is involved with political advocacy on Capitol Hill to advance the piloting profession and airline industry through federal legislation; also encourages pilot donations to the bi-partisan political action committee (ALPA PAC) in order to support federal legislators who support pilot and industry friendly legislation.


Membership Committee – processes pilot membership forms and information as well as provide ALPA resources to pilot members of the Association.

Pilot 4 Pilot – a subcommittee of the Membership Committee, P4P helps ARW pilots and their dependents with grants and other financial assistance from the ALPA Emergency Relief Fund to help alleviate immediate hardships resulting from unpredictable and catastrophic events.


Merger Committee– supports the pilot group by keeping the MEC informed on airline mergers, transfer of flying, acquisition, and other related situations and advises the MEC on applicable ALPA National policy.


Negotiating Committee – responsible for negotiating under the provisions of the Railway Labor Act the collective bargaining agreement on behalf of the MEC and pilot group.


Pilot Assistance Committee – on a confidential basis, provides pilots with resources and options for dealing with alcohol and substance abuse and addiction.


Strategic Preparedness and Strike Committee – not currently formed; constituted when negotiations are nearing the end and full pilot support is required in order to reach an amenable contract and ratify the agreement.

Pilot 2 Pilot – a subcommittee of SPSC, P2P focuses on disseminating MEC communications, and relaying questions and answers between line pilots and the pilot leadership.


Professional Standards (“Pro Stands”) Committee – provides an outlet for crew members to discuss concerns and resolve issues related to professional behavior and interaction on and off the flight deck.


Retirement and Insurance Committee – supports the pilot group by managing, along with professional ALPA staff, retirement and insurance options and plans for the pilot group.


Scheduling Committee – monitors contract legality as well as quality of life issues for the MEC in regards to schedule construction and daily scheduling issues.


Training and Testing Committee – monitors company training and testing programs and assists pilots with successfully negotiating the training environment.


Uniform Committee – assists the MEC with issues related to the wear and appearance of the AWAC pilot uniform.


Veterans’ Affairs Committee – provides direct assistance to ARW pilots serving in the active, reserve, or national guard component and provides guidance and support on USERRA issues.


And if that wasn’t enough, here are some general resources for all ARW pilots:

·         ALPA National’s pilot member website: http://crewroom.alpa.org 

·         ARW MEC’s pilot member website: http://arwpilots.alpa.org  

·         ARW MEC’s Part 117 Question and Answer email address ARW117Questions@alpa.org

·         ALPA’s Part 117 Calculator App available on iTunes

·         ARW MEC’s resource and support hotline: 1-800-ALPA-ARW

·         ALPA National resource and support phone tree: 1-888-FLY-ALPA (1-888-359-2572)

          {For assistance, select prompt 3, then 3 again, then prompt 1 if you know your ALPA number, or prompt 3 to speak to a representative. Available 0900-1700 edt}

·         ALPA National Aeromedical Office, Denver CO 303-341-4435

·         ALPA National Engineering and Air Safety accident / incident assistance line: 202-797-4180 or 703-892-4180

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ALPA Wants Your Photos



ALPA needs photos of pilot groups in action, in uniform, and in command.


They are developing several projects for the BOD and they need your photos to make sure ARW pilots are represented. ALPA needs about 20+ from every group to make sure they have enough. Photos should be emailed to Kimberly.Seitz@alpa.org before August 27.


Some details:

·      the photos need to be hi-res (300 dpi) so that they can be enlarged

·      photos from iPhones, Androids, and the like work great—just make sure you use the higher resolution format

·      please provide photos of a variety of people—ten shots of the same person doing the same thing is pretty much the same photo—doing a variety of things

·      last time, ALPA received a number of photos from pilots currently serving in the military and it was a great way to recognize our troops—please send those along

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Take Action

Call to Action:
Urgent Action Needed to Deny NAI #3: The White House Needs to Hear the Call to Deny NAI!

Take action NOW: DOT is poised to make a decision on Norwegian Air International by August 31. With Congress in a recess for the month of August, we must make sure that the Administration knows we are paying attention and will remain vigilant in our call to Deny NAI! More than 150 Members of Congress and 30,000 Americans have made their voice heard to Deny NAI. We must redouble our efforts and engage again—the time to act is now! Click below to take action to send an email message to your federal legislators. Click
here to see if your representative and senator have weighed in to Deny NAI. If they have, please thank them and ask them to call the White House. If they have yet to act, please urge them to do so now. Our jobs are on the line.

Read More | Take Action

Call to Action:
Support Reforms to Export-Import Bank Reauthorization to Protect U.S. Aviation Jobs

The Export-Import Bank (Bank) authorization expires on September 30th , which is not much time to impress upon lawmakers that targeted, pragmatic reforms must be included in any legislation. Simply put, the Bank must stop financing widebody aircraft for foreign airlines that are state-owned or state-sponsored or which are credit-worthy. We urge ALPA members to take action now to Level the Playing Field for U.S. airlines and to protect our jobs! It’s critical that pilots act now! Failure to act means the Bank will enable our foreign competitors to drive U.S. carriers out of routes costing pilots’ jobs and future opportunities. Stand up for your job and our industry by contacting your members of Congress. You can read more

Read More | Take Action

Call to Action:
Support the Saracini Aviation Safety Act of 2013

In 2001, Congress mandated the installation of reinforced cockpit doors on most commercial aircraft as the first step toward preventing another 9/11-style breach of the cockpit. Airlines are required to use procedures to protect the cockpit when the reinforced door is opened during flight for pilots’ meals, restroom use, and other reasons. To provide better security, secondary barriers were developed to block access to the cockpit whenever the cockpit door is open during flight. Voluntary airline industry movement toward adopting secondary barriers began in 2003, but commitment to deploying these devices has since waned. H.R. 1775/S. 1495, the Saracini Aviation Safety Act of 2013 simply fulfills Congress’s intent from more than a decade ago to make cockpits more secure. Tell you representatives to cosponsor this bill today!

Read More | Take Action

Call to Action:
The Safe Skies Act of 2013

The Safe Skies Act has been reintroduced! Like its predecessor in the 112th Congress, the Safe Skies Act of 2013 will correct the oversight made by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in its final regulations (FAR 117) to address pilot fatigue for passenger airlines only. The rules excluded cargo airline operations from mandatory compliance. For decades, ALPA has advocated for “One Level of Safety” for the simple reason that all pilots and airline operations should be treated equally regardless of payload or flight mission. Contact your representative today to urge them to support the Safe Skies Act and achieve One Level of Safety.

Read More | Take Action

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It’s Not Too Late to Register for the Jonathan McAbee Memorial Golf Tournament

By Reed Donoghue, LEC 50 Vice Chairman


When:  Thursday, Aug. 14 (Check in: 11:30 am; Tee Off: 12:00 pm)

Where:  The Honey Bee Golf Club, 2500 S. Independence Blvd. Virginia Beach, VA

Cost:  $50 (Includes: 18 holes greens fees, cart fees, post tournament meal, and donation.)

Registration:  Email LEC50@alpa.org

Donate: http://www.gofundme.com/2tbgq8

See attached flyer for more details.


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Upcoming Dates


2014 DATES

Aug. 4-7

ALPA Air Safety Week, DCA

Aug. 12-13

Retirement & Insurance Committee Quarterly Meeting, BWI

Aug. 13-14

UAL FFD Open House, ORD

Aug. 14

McAbee Memorial Golf Tournament, VA Beach

Aug. 26

MEC Officers Begin New 2-Year Term

Sept. 9

FFDC Meeting, Herndon

Sept. 10-11

ALPA Executive Board Meeting, IAD

Sept. 24-25

UAL FFD Open House, DEN

Oct. 6-8

Mediation (Tentative)

Oct. 11-17

MEC Meeting, FLL

Oct. 20-23

ALPA Board of Directors Meeting, FLL

2015 Dates


Feb 13-21

MEC Regular Meeting

June 12-20

MEC Regular Meeting

Oct. 16-24

MEC Regular Meeting

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