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December 15, 2014




Coffee and Conversation FAQs

By Chris Suhs and Jeff Pruett


We had the opportunity to have Coffee and Conversation with fellow pilots on December 4th in PHL; and on December 5th Captain Suhs continued to DCA. Thanks to everyone who stopped by during those dates, and if you were not able to stop by and say hello, our email inbox is always open.  The following are half of the most frequently-asked questions that were asked and answered, to be followed by an additional 8 questions in the January 1st, 2015 PDH.  Thanks again for taking an active role in our professional union process.


The big take away we heard from our pilots was that the Company’s “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” message is not a business plan. The pilots want to know more about their future at Air Wisconsin.


The First 8 FAQs:


1.    Was Air Wisconsin purchasing the 26 airframes from Delta?


Our understanding is that Delta would have maintained ownership of the aircraft.


2.    Did the Company request a B-scale?


No, they did not. However, the Company did approach the MEC on Thanksgiving Day with a proposal that would have created a two-tier pay scale for first year First Officers with different qualifications at Air Wisconsin.  The MEC elected not to entertain what some might call a backdoor B-scale.


3.    Why did the Company walk away from the Delta flying?


The company has stated that “in the end the logistics proved impossible to work through without creating undue risk for the company” and that “It is important to know that Air Wisconsin is committed to the long-term viability and success of our airline.” ALPA lacks sufficient information about the company’s finances to make a determination of whether the stated risk was financial. If the risk was financial it is important for management to look towards future opportunities that are within its financial wheelhouse.


4.    What is our future with US Airways (American Airlines)?


Air Wisconsin Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Christine Deister stated in that “We look forward to sharing details with you on the extension of our flying with American Airlines as they unfold,” and ALPA looks forward to hearing those details.


5.    Was Mr. Jim Rankin’s departure linked to the Delta Deal?


We have no information that would support such a claim. Chairman Suhs had a conversation with Mr. Rankin after the announcement of his departure from Air Wisconsin in which Mr. Rankin was at ease, optimistic, and stated that this was a good move for where he was in his professional and personal life.


6.    Has FedEx opened their application window?


As far as we have been able to confirm, FDX is not accepting new applications at this time, however existing applications may be updated. FDX has also reported they should be opening the application window in the near future. We understand that a class of 8 was planned for December composed entirely of internal applicants from Flight Ops, Flight Training and Corporate Aviation.


7.    How will I receive my 7.6 payout?


Payroll will be processing a separate payment outside from the check you will receive on 12/30.  For all pilots who have direct deposit; 7.6 monies will be deposited on 12/31, and for those pilots who receive hard copy checks; you will receive a check postmarked 12/31.  


8.    Where are contract negotiations?

On October 30th, 2014 ALPA made a “close out” proposal to the Company that made many moves the Company’s way (none that were concessionary), but also included some things that were important to the MEC and to the pilots. We had a deadline on our offer to help the Company reach a timely decision. The Company said there were terms in our proposal that they could not agree to and the Association withdrew the offer on November 7th, 2014.  There has been little communication between the Negotiating Committee and the Company since that offer was withdrawn. The Mediator has set the week of March 23rd, 2015 as our next mediation session.

ALPA continues to be dismayed by the amount of time it has taken to reach an agreement with the Company. The important thing for the pilot group continues to be to stay informed through credible sources like the X-Ray, PDH, Wiss-key, and ALPA Fastreads. That way if and when the Company finally wants a deal we can move quickly toward one. 


Thank you for your participation, 


Stay United and Fly Safely

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Vacation Round 5 Adjustment


Please reference the company’s communication on 11/21/2014, announcement F140313, and review the amended round five vacation bid awards.  The MEC encourages any negatively affected pilot to contact the company as soon as possible to discuss any significant disruption to planned 2015 vacation and to work out a reasonable solution if necessary.  If you were affected by the award adjustment in round five and are not able to work an agreeable solution out with the company regarding your adjusted award, please file an issue form with the grievance committee on http://arwpilots.alpa.org/. Include a short description of the disruption the change in vacation dates will cause you, a summary of the discussion you had with the company regarding the adjustment, and any solution that was offered along with your recommended solution to the disruption.

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Relief Line Bidding

By ARW Scheduling Committee

When you are bidding for the next month, you will see lines, relief (REL) lines – also called buildup lines – and reserve (RES) lines. Below is a quick overview of the considerate way to bid a relief line.

Relief lines as presented in the initial monthly bid package are merely placeholders. They are awarded in seniority order in the second round of bidding – once the initial bids are awarded and Scheduling knows what flying needs to be covered because of integration, vacations, training events, etc.

To make the math easy for our example, we are going to have 10 relief lines to bid on, and you are number 20 out of 40 pilots in domicile. Since you are half way up the seniority list, you might not want to bid all the relief lines – you might prefer a line where you know what you’re flying instead of getting the 8th relief line and not having a lot of choices when you bid on the relief lines. So, you bid your first 5 line choices and then 2 relief lines. You want to bid the relief lines in the numerical order they are presented, so you bid REL 1 and REL 2. Then you select another 5 lines and two more relief lines (REL 3 and REL 4), and another 5 lines and one more relief line (REL 5). With this bid, you would ASSUME that when you bid on the relief lines in the second round, you will be at least at the halfway point of the relief lines because there were only 10 of them and you bid number 5 as your last one.

If everyone bids relief lines in numerical order, this would be correct: you would be at worst the 5th bidder for 10 relief lines. The problem comes in when a pilot does not bid them in numerical order. Let’s say you were awarded REL 3. You think, “Sweet! I will get a great line because I’ll get one of my top three choices.” However, this month the three most senior pilots bid REL 6, REL 7, and REL 8. You will still be awarded REL 3 because no one senior to you bid REL 3. In the second round of bidding for the relief lines, however, you will be bidding number 6 out of 10 pilots. If the senior people in front of you had bid in numerical order, you might have actually gotten a line that you wanted instead of a REL line that seniority wise you did not want to bid on.

Long story short: Bid relief lines in numerical order and then you should know where you stand in seniority when you have to bid on the actual relief lines. If you are planning on bidding on all the relief lines, simply click the REL button in FLICA and it will automatically place all the lines in order.

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Tremendous Support


The MEC would like to thank all the respected colleagues and fellow pilots that have put themselves forward to volunteer in a number of various positions within our volunteer committee structure. For example, the Central Air Safety Committee advertised in the October 15th PDH that CASC Reps were needed. At the time, they were looking to fill 3 positions, but the outpouring of interested pilots exceeded 15; which is a good problem to have, but one that is new to ARW ALPA. Please know that if you are not selected, MEC Vice Chairman Jeff Pruett is keeping an updated running list of interested pilots that our committee chairs can use to bring new volunteers onto their committees when there is need. The MEC is anticipating significant turnover within our structure in 2015 and properly staffed and enthusiastic volunteers will be needed to directly support our pilot group and careers. If you would like to be added to the running list, please email
jeffrey.pruett@alpa.org with your contact information and express what committee(s) you are interested in (any or all is acceptable), seat and domicile, and any qualifications that you believe would be valuable.

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The 2014 Air Wisconsin PAC drive continues, and this has been a big year for the pilots of Air Wisconsin – records have been set, and new milestones are within sight of being achieved. As many of you already know, the pilots of ARW have been included in the Key Men Society for 2014 - ALPA-PACs highest honor. “Just as our founders led our predecessors through incredible hardship to make a better future which all professional airline pilots enjoy today, this award honors those pilot groups who are now leading us into an even brighter future,” Moak said. In 2012, ALPA inaugurated the Key Men Society in honor of the 24 brave souls who formed our union 83 years ago. The Society honors those Councils that are leading the Association by earning at least 24% participation in ALPA-PAC. What is the new milestone within sight? The pilots of Air Wisconsin are close to beating Delta Air Lines this year on participation and becoming the 2nd highest PAC participating airline in ALPA.

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Committee Activity for November 2014
By Jeff Pruett, MEC Vice Chairman


This article provides you with an overview of our committees, building on updates from past MEC communications, including Facebook and other mediums. Our ARW ALPA volunteers do an incredible amount of “heavy lifting” for our pilot group, ALPA, the MEC, and Air Wisconsin (that’s right, we’re trying to help Air Wisconsin become a better company). While it’s important for you to know about the work that’s being done, it’s equally important for you to understand the role each committee has in helping the MEC fulfill its mission. This is a summary of the work of your fellow line pilot ALPA volunteers.

In November, Training and Testing Chairman Charlie Mader, and (former) National Fee for Departure Chairman Richard Swindell recorded committee updates for the pilot group. These and other outstanding podcasts are available
here, and iPhone users can download the ipadio podcast app here and search for “Air Wisconsin Pilots.”

Aeromedical Chairman Jack Roback
was busy in November fielding numerous phone calls from pilots; please give Jack a call if you have Aeromedical, Short-Term Disability, or FMLA question or issues. We presently have 7 pilots out on short-term disability. The short-term disability bank balance is roughly $40,000, and the bank funding is turned on for November per Section 27 G. 10 of the CBA.


The ASAP Committee is composed of Chairman Chris Fuson and Secondary Representatives Marlena Cooper and Ron Baker. Due to the confidential nature of this committee, the exact details of their work are not reported to the MEC or the pilot group, and are protected under federal regulations and the ASAP memo of understanding. Nevertheless, this “behind the scenes” committee provides prolific service and enormous safety benefits to our pilot group, our company, and the airline industry. Currently the ASAP Committee has 40 open events, and Regular ERC meetings were conducted on November 12 and 21. 


Communications Chairman Ken Reinert reports that an e-version of the Wiss-key was distributed on Monday November 10th and subsequently, hard copies hit crew rooms. You can also get an e-copy here. Highlights and topics include (although not a complete list) articles about Unionism, ALPA PAC, Electing an EVP, ARW ALPA BOD History, the Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa, The Adventures of Ben Profitt, Viewing a Live Burn Exercise, A Lesson on Short-Term Disability and FMLA, Winter Operations, The CIRP Team, Two Ways to an Easier Commute, The PDT Deal – Reading Beyond the Headlines, Faith and Bargaining, Setting Expectations – The Dance of Negotiations, Professional Standards – Are you Doing That?, Paying It Forward – to your(future)self, and last, but certainly not least – Captain Matt Chadwick educates, entertains, and informs with “Futureal”.


The November FMT (FOQA Monitoring Team) was held via teleconference on November 14. On the call were FOQA Chairman Ron Stocki, Member Derek Hamill, Mark Raymond, and Gregg Syring. Data review revealed a rash of high-energy approaches.  Mark was tasked with getting more detail about these approaches, and the information is included for pilot education in the upcoming IBT.


Grievance Committee Members Dave Anderson and Graham Downing are in charge of the issue form branch of the Grievance Committee. If you receive a call or e-mail from Dave or Graham regarding your issue form, please make his job easier by calling him back or responding to his e-mail as quickly as possible. Issues are resolved through an organized and time-critical process during which the issue form filer needs to be actively engaged. Also, when filing an issue form, provide as much detailed information as you can about the alleged contract violation. Please include a copy of your schedule, a description of the event with applicable names and times, why you believe the contract has been violated, and under what section.

Hotel Committee Chairman Ken Honneffer inspected hotels in YOW in November. Our former Crew hotel the Quality was sold to an investor and the property closed as a hotel as of November 30.  Our new crew hotel in YOW is the Sheraton Downtown, which includes Standard Sheraton amenities with the addition of a 20% discount in the restaurant.  Several walk-to restaurants are located close-by, and the hotel is on the SW side of the Rideau Canal, and within a 10 minute walk to the much-adored Market area. Transportation is still provided by the same company that was used for the Quality. Additional information can be found on the detailed hotel list accessed from the Employee Travel link of the myairwis portal.


The Jumpseat / Security Committee answered several questions from both pilots and management about Jumpseat procedures, and separately renewed the Jumpseat agreement with Air Canada. Committee Chairman Nick Chichester attended the 14th annual AAAE/TSA/DHS Aviation Security Summit. Outgoing TSA Administrator John Pistole spoke on the state of aviation security and mentioned that one of the highlights of his tenure was getting the KCM program up and running. A strong proponent of Risk-Based Security, Pistole will be leaving the TSA at the end of this year. KCM was also mentioned by Assistant Administrator for Security Capabilities John Sanders during a TSA leadership round table as a perfect example of efficient screening.  Other topics such as airports' response to the Ebola outbreak, the possibility of putting your passport on your smartphone, ways to streamline customs checkpoints, and airport perimeter security were discussed during the two-day event. Lastly, the JS/S committee would like to thank Leon Provencher for his service to the pilot group.


Membership Committee Chairman Matt Dugan asks all pilots to confirm with their fellow pilots that they are receiving ALPA communications. If they are not, please have them contact the Membership Committee at ARWMembership@alpa.org so that we may remedy the situation.


Professional Standards Chairman B.G. Garner attended a three-day meeting in the union’s Herndon, Va., Conference Center in November. Also attending the Professional Standards Conference were representatives from the Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association, technical operations, airline managements, and independent pilot unions.


Capts. John Rosenberg (Delta) and Rick Swanson (United), chairman and vice chairman respectively of the ALPA national Professional Standards Committee, hosted and moderated the event.


The fundamental role of Pro Stans Committees is to resolve conflicts between flightcrew members and other parties, whether they be fellow flightcrew members or other employees.


Highlights of the conference included:

      an overview of the role and purpose of Pro Stans Committees;

      discussion of actual cases;

      a detailed analysis of the ALPA Code of Ethics and Canons;

      legal advice on confidentiality and sexual harassment provided by ALPA senior attorney Suzanne Kalfus; and

      a presentation on the psychology of behavior by psychologist Dr. Daniel Zenga.


Scheduling Committee Chairman Tyson Howard answered multiple calls and emails about 117, JMs, long-call days, domicile rest, and integration issues in November. Tyson would like to remind all pilots to be firm, fair, and friendly when dealing with Crew Scheduling. Follow the guidance on the back of your ARW ALPA badge backer and remember that you are on a recorded phone line. Please report all scheduling related issues to your Scheduling Committee and file an issue form if there is a contractual violation. If you need a badge backer or Part 117 Reference Card, please contact Membership Committee Chairman Matt Dugan at 920-277-2177 or ARWMembership@alpa.org.

On behalf of the MEC, I would like to thank all of our volunteers for their dedication. Much of the progress experienced and many of the goals realized by ARW ALPA are achieved as a result of the ongoing efforts of your volunteers. Thank you.

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Uniform Bank Update - Use It or Lose It
By Dan Shtarker, Uniform Committee Chair


As we begin to wrap up the year, take a moment to look at your uniform pieces and evaluate what you may want to replace before the end of the year. The approved items for reimbursement are listed on page 7-18 of the FOM, which states “Air Wisconsin will reimburse the following uniform pieces purchased through an approved uniform vendor: overcoat, blue uniform jacket, shirt, pants, tie, hat, epaulets, stripes, and alterations. Outer Marker Crew Shop is not an approved vendor.”

On Jan. 1, the Company will credit $260 to your uniform bank. However, section 18.C.4 states that the maximum accrual in a pilot’s uniform bank shall not exceed 2 years’ full accrual. This means that if you have a uniform bank that has a balance of $520 (2 years of accrual) there will be no money credited to your account. If you have a balance lower than $520, your uniform bank balance will be brought up to the 2-year accrual or the maximum amount per year of $260, whichever comes first. If you want to take full advantage of the yearly credit, your balance needs to be below $260, and all expenses need to be submitted by Dec. 31, 2014.

If you choose to allocate funds for direct bill to one of our three approved vendors you must do so by Dec. 31, 2014. Checking your current balance and allocating funds can be done directly through CCS. Follow these steps to check uniform bank balance CCS > Pilot Forms > Pilot Uniform Bank. Current balance will be displayed on the right hand side. If you decide to allocate funds to one of the approved vendors you will need to do the following: CCS > Pilot Forms > Pilot Uniform Bank Allocation > Click on any name you see > Pilot Uniform Direct Bill Vendor Election window will open. Follow the steps and click submit.

If you have any questions on direct bill or how to submit expenses on the Air Wisconsin T&E system, or any other related questions; please contact me at 732-646-1823 or

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