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November 14, 2014



ALPA Wants You!
By Brendan Cantwell, Legislative Affairs Chairman

Have you ever asked yourself: 

“Is there anything I can do personally to positively impact the future of my profession?”

Do you mean something concrete and meaningful? An action whose impact you can see and experience firsthand? Can you be in Washington, D.C., on November 19?

Then the answer is ‘YES’.


Be a part of ALPA’s Day of Action to #DenyNAI.

On Wednesday, November 19, ALPA will host a one-day fly-in for pilots to advocate on Capitol Hill. There will be a kickoff briefing with members of Congress and an afternoon of direct advocacy on Capitol Hill to relay our #DenyNAI message. Pilot advocates are needed to safeguard the viability of the U.S. airline industry and our jobs by motivating members of Congress to take action to push the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) to finally and completely deny NAI’s application.

ALPA’s collective work over the last year resulted in more than 160 members of Congress taking a stand to #DenyNAI and helped compel the DOT to dismiss NAI’s request for a temporary permit to operate to the United States. Now is the time to reinforce our message to ensure that DOT denies NAI once and for all!

While the exemption win was a major first step, still pending at the DOT is the application for a foreign air carrier permit, which, if approved, would allow for immediate and indefinite access to the United States under NAI’s deceptive scheme. We must keep the pressure on the DOT to deny NAI’s foreign air carrier permit and stop the flag-of-convenience model that is a threat to U.S. jobs.

All participants should RSVP to 
Andrew.Rademaker@alpa.org and contact their local council representatives for coordinating details. Pilots who RSVP will receive additional information about logistics and messaging. Click here to read more about the #DenyNAI Day of Action.

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Hey! It’s Not Too Late



Tomorrow, November 15, is the final FAPA.Aero interview skills workshop set up and hosted by the MEC at the Sheraton Four Points PHL. It begins at 0930 tomorrow and concludes at 1700. This is an opportunity to sharpen your interview skills and learn more about the mainline interview process in preparation for widespread hiring in 2015 and beyond.


Read on for more information on the benefits of registering for this event and a free FAPA.Aero membership, sponsored by the ARW MEC.


Your MEC has negotiated and facilitated an exciting ALPA benefit for the pilot group, including any new pilots hired between now and August 2016. The MEC has partnered with FAPA.aero to offer a free two-year FAPA.aero basic membership to provide job-hunting and career-decision assistance. The deadline for ARW pilots to register for this free membership is Sunday, November 16. Pilots who upgrade from basic to higher levels of FAPA.aero membership will assume all additional costs. Pilots hired after November 16, 2014, must join FAPA.aero within 30 days of employment to receive this ALPA benefit.

Please visit
www.FAPA.aero/ARW to register for the free membership and the remaining workshop.

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FDP Extensions

We write today to assist pilots in understanding the rules regarding flight duty period (FDP) extensions. At this point, Part 117 has been out for nine months and the FAA has issued several interpretation letters.

Part 117 permits Air Wisconsin (along with all air carriers) to request extensions of a pilot’s FDP under certain conditions. As a result, it would not be correct to assume that all extensions past the Table B FDP limits are unsafe. 117.5 (a) requires pilots to “report for any flight duty period rested and prepared to perform his or her assigned duties.” Because the FAR allows the carrier to request a FDP extension when unforeseen operational circumstances arise, this includes the possibility that on any given day the pilot may be expected to operate into the FDP extension period. Section 117.19 states that a pilot’s FDP can be extended in certain circumstances when it is the joint decision by the air carrier and the PIC that the operation can be safely conducted. The PIC and the air carrier must both concur with the extension and there must be a record of the PIC concurrence if there is an extension taken. This record can take any reasonable form as long as there is evidence that the PIC concurred with the extension.

The FAA has recently issued an interpretation clarifying that an air carrier may require a PIC to state the reason for refusing to concur with and FDP extension, and although refusing to comply with the air carrier’s requirement to provide a reason is not a violation of the FARs. When asked if the air carrier could discipline the PIC for refusing to concur with an FDP extension, the FAA has also stated that this is a management-labor issue not controlled by the Part 117.

The FOM outlines the process for extending an FDP at 19.11 B, saying: “Once delays create the need for an extension beyond 30 minutes the Captain and Crew Services share a joint responsibility in establishing concurrence. In the event the Captain exercises his right to withhold concurrence to operate into the extended FDP window, he will inform Crew Services of his decision and explain why he does not believe the regulatory extension could be conducted safely.” Regarding the threat of discipline for a refusal, the Company says, and we agree that, pilots should not be concerned as long as the pilot: (1) is not using safety as a guise for refusing a FDP extension; (2) is being honest and forthcoming with the Company’s investigative requests; and (3) has made a good-faith effort to put himself in the best possible position to accept a FDP extension.

Lastly, let’s all remember that each pilot on each flight must affirmatively sign the statement that he or she is fit for that flight. The FAA has clearly stated that “117.5 prohibits a flightcrew member from working on an FDP when that flightcrew member is too fatigued to safely perform his or her work.”

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ORF Toys for Tots
By Reed Donoghue, LEC 50 Vice Chairman

The Council 50 annual Marine CorpsToys for Tots drive will begin Monday, November 17, in ORF. This Christmas season, we ask everyone to consider donating an unwrapped toy for a child in need.


The holidays are a time to celebrate the fortunes we experience on a daily basis. They are also a time to help those who are less fortunate. Through the Toys for Tots program, toys are distributed to children in our community who otherwise would not receive any Christmas gifts.


Our hope is to make this year our most successful year to date. A drop-off box is now available in the ORF crew room and will remain in place to collect toys until Dec. 8.


Crewmembers should not have any problems bringing toys through the security lines in ORF. If bringing an unwrapped gift to the airport is too much of a challenge, please contact your local reps so that we may assist in coordinating a more convenient pick up or drop off location.

Also be sure to tell your family and friends about the program, and encourage their participation. For more information on the Toys for Tots program, please visit www.toysfortots.org. To view other drop-off locations in the Hampton Roads area, click here.

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ALPA Fee-for-Departure Committee Briefing
By ARW MEC Officers

While attending the biennial Board of Directors meeting last month, members of your MEC and Negotiating Committee attended an ALPA Fee-for-Departure (FFD) Committee luncheon. Members of all ALPA FFD carriers were present to participate in the event.


Richard Swindell (ARW), the ALPA FFD Committee chairman, opened the event with an overview of recent FFD Committee activity including:

·         FFDC Goals

o    Creating mechanisms and opportunities for career progression

o    Looking at options for career protection (in the event of transfer or consolidation of flying)

o    Increasing pay and benefits—with a focus on first-year compensation

·         Reviewing the UAL FFD open house events in Chicago and Denver

·         A preview of the upcoming FFD website, which will contain information pertinent to FFD carriers and pilots, including hiring information for major carriers

·         Highlights from the Delta Air Lines ALPA FFD Hiring Briefing, at which the Delta Hiring Department provided an overview of the hiring process as well as common pitfalls and mistakes made by applicants. The FFD Committee will publish an FAQ from that meeting which will be available on the FFD website.


Next, Capt. Lee Moak addressed the FFD group acknowledging the difficulties our sector currently faces as well as reassuring his commitment for ALPA resources for the FFD carriers.


Following Capt. Moak’s discussion, key ALPA staff and national committee chairmen addressed the group. Ana McAhron-Schulz from ALPA Economic and Financial Analysis gave an in-depth financial and business overview of the FFD sector, including current aircraft allotment for each mainline partner and those that will expire in the near term. She also highlighted projected hiring trends for mainline partners comparing those with results from the FFD survey. Other briefings included Doug Baj (Communications), Sean Hanson (Collective Bargaining Committee), and Elizabeth Baker (Government Affairs). The objective of these short presentations was to illustrate the resources being applied in a coordinated and strategic effort to advance the goals of the FFD group.


A moderated panel discussion was then held on hot topics in the FFD sector and an opportunity to hear about lessons learned from leading pilots in the challenging FFD environment. Panel participants included current or former ALPA FFD MEC chairmen, Jonathan Allen (PCL), Claude Buraglia (JAZ), Cliff Simmons (TSA), Bruce Friedman (PDT), and David Nieuwenhuis (ASA), and was moderated by ARW Negotiating chairman and CBC member Mark Lockwood. The panel fielded questions from a group of over 100 pilots from both mainline and FFD carriers.


Later in the week, the FFD group received a briefing from Richard Swindell on the upcoming FFD activity for 2015, including:

·         ALPA-sponsored career and interview workshop with FAPA.aero. The workshops will be held in numerous cities throughout 2015 and are free of charge and open only to ALPA pilots. A complimentary FAPA.aero membership will also be offered to all ALPA pilots as well. Please stay tuned for more information.

·         FFD small-group hiring process walk-through with FedEx and Alaska. The information obtained from the walk-through will be shared with FFD pilots through ALPA representatives and online.

·         Dedicated FFD website that will include application and hiring information for ALPA mainline partners.

·         Interaction with the ALPA Collective Bargaining Committee to foster model contract language and identify industry trend bargaining opportunities among FFD carriers.

·         Additional UAL FFD open houses for 2015.

The ARW MEC will continue to be engaged with the fellow fee-for-departure carriers in an effort ensure an acceptable qualify of life for pilots at FFD carriers, pay and benefits commensurate with experience, and paths for career progression to mainline carriers.

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Uniform Bank Update—Use It or Lose It
By Dan Shtarker, Uniform Committee Chairman


As we begin to wrap up the year, take a moment to look at your uniform pieces and evaluate what you may want to replace before the end of the year. The approved items for reimbursement are listed on page 7-18 of the FOM, which states “Air Wisconsin will reimburse the following uniform pieces purchased through an approved uniform vendor: overcoat, blue uniform jacket, shirt, pants, tie, hat, epaulets, stripes, and alterations. Outer Marker Crew Shop is not an approved vendor.”


On January 1, the Company will credit $260 to your uniform bank. However, Section 18.C.4 states that the maximum accrual in a pilot’s uniform bank shall not exceed two years’ full accrual. This means that if you have a uniform bank that has a balance of $520, two years of accrual, there will be no money credited to your account. If you have a balance lower than $520, your uniform bank balance will be brought up to the two-year accrual or the maximum amount per year of $260, whichever comes first. If you want to take full advantage of the yearly credit, your balance needs to be below $260, and all expenses need to be submitted by Dec. 31, 2014.


If you choose to allocate funds for direct bill to one of our three approved vendors, you must do so by Dec. 31, 2014. Checking your current balance and allocating funds can be done directly through CCS. Follow these steps to check uniform bank balance CCS > Pilot Forms > Pilot Uniform Bank. Current balance will be displayed on the right-hand side. If you decide to allocate funds to one of the approved vendors you will need to do the following: CCS > Pilot Forms > Pilot Uniform Bank Allocation > (Click on any name you see) > Pilot Uniform Direct Bill Vendor Election window will open. Follow the steps and click submit.

If you have any questions on direct bill or how to submit expenses on the Air Wisconsin T&E system, or any other related questions, please contact me at 732-646-1823 or

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Committee Activity for October 2014
By Jeff Pruett, MEC Vice Chairman


This article provides you with an overview of our committees, building on updates from past MEC communications, including Facebook and other mediums. Our ARW ALPA volunteers do an incredible amount of “heavy lifting” for our pilot group, ALPA, the MEC, and Air Wisconsin (that’s right, we’re trying to help Air Wisconsin become a better company). While it’s important for you to know about the work that’s being done, it’s equally important for you to understand the role each committee has in helping the MEC fulfill its mission. This is a summary of the work of your fellow line-pilot ALPA volunteers.

In October, Scheduling Committee Chairman Tyson Howard and Retirement and Insurance Committee Chairman Rich Clarke recorded committee updates for the pilot group. This and other outstanding podcasts are available
here. iPhone users can download the ipadio podcast app here and search for “Air Wisconsin Pilots.”

The ASAP Committee is composed of Chairman Chris Fuson and Secondary Representatives Marlena Cooper and Ron Baker. Due to the confidential nature of this committee, the exact details of their work are not reported to the MEC or the pilot group, and are protected under federal regulations and the ASAP Memo of Understanding. Nevertheless, this “behind the scenes” committee provides prolific service and enormous safety benefits to our pilot group, our company, and the airline industry. Currently the ASAP Committee has 40 open events, which include four pilot deviations. During the month of October, normal meetings were conducted on 10/2, 10/9, 10/15, and 10/29, in addition to three critical-event meetings that occurred on 10/3, 10/10, and 10/27.


On October 31, CASC Chairman Dan Lehenbauer and Chief Accident Investigator John Jester met at the Air Wisconsin Maintenance Hangar in MKE with Managing Director of Safety Chris White to discuss aircraft deicing, Fatigue Risk Management Program, aircraft accident protocols, ASAP Advisory Circular 120-66C, Safety Management System (SMS), and the corporate hazard tracking list within ASAP.


Critical Incident Response Program (CIRP) Chairman Aric Newsted and Vice Chairman Robbie Fogelsanger traveled to the United Airlines Training Center in DEN for CIRP training. ALPA’s Critical Incident Response Program uses pilots and spouses trained as peers to lessen the stress reactions that accidents or incidents may have on pilots, accident investigators, and their families.

Communications Chairman Ken Reinert spent a significant portion of October getting the Autumn 2014 Wiss-key compiled, organized, laid out, edited, and distributed. An e-version of the Wiss-key was distributed on Monday, November 10, and hard copies hit crew rooms this week. You can also get an e-copy here. Highlights and articles include (although not a complete list) unionism, ALPA-PAC, electing an EVP, ARW ALPA BOD history, the annual great bike ride across Iowa, the adventures of Ben Profitt, viewing a live burn exercise, a lesson on short-term disability and FLMA, winter operations, the CIRP team, two ways to an easier commute, the PDT deal, faith and bargaining, the dance of negotiations, Professional Standards, paying it forward to your(future)self, and last, but certainly not least—Captain Matt Chadwick educates, entertains, and informs with “Futureal.”

The October FMT (FOQA Monitoring Team) meeting was held in person in Appleton. In attendance were FOQA Chairman Ron Stocki, Member Derek Hamill, and Gregg Syring; with visits from Jason Adler and Mark Raymond. The primary topic of discussion was the application of the ARMS method for risk classification to the FOQA events list. Consensus was reached on all events, with all events given a risk score that will drive the focus of the program as the team moves forward. In addition, this team was able to conduct meaningful discussion about gaining access to the ACARS database for ALPA FMT members, and were able to get the right people in the room to move the FOQA program in a positive direction. Although the Air Wisconsin IT schedule for 2014 is already filled, there is hope to make it onto their early 2015 schedule.


Grievance Committee Chairman Ken Nesbitt held a meeting in MSP with Grievance Committee Members Graham Downing and Dave Anderson, as well as ALPA Senior Labor Relations Counsel Jody Bettenburg. The primary focus of the meeting was to formulate a grievance strategy for our open cases following Captain Maggie Eickhoff’s departure, and Ken Nesbitt’s election to committee chairman. Secondly, the meeting was used to train new committee member Dave Anderson and bring him up to speed on the cases and procedures the committee uses to process issue forms. Also in October, the MEC was briefed on the status of the Grievance Committee, outstanding cases, and cases that should be reviewed by the MEC for possible arbitration in 2015.


Grievance Committee Member Graham Downing is in charge of the issue form branch of the Grievance Committee. If you receive a call or e-mail from Graham regarding your issue form, please make his job easier by calling him back or responding to his e-mail as quickly as possible. Issues are resolved through an organized and time-critical process during which the issue form filer needs to be actively engaged. Also, when filing an issue form, provide as much detailed information as you can about the alleged contract violation. Please include a copy of your schedule, a description of the event with applicable names and times, why you believe the contract has been violated, and under what section.

Legislative Affairs Committee Chairman Brendan Cantwell led an ALPA-PAC drive in October with visits to all Air Wisconsin domiciles. This drive was extremely successful and resulted in ARW being included in the “Key Men Society” for 2014—ALPA-PAC’s highest honor. “Just as our founders led our predecessors through incredible hardship to make a better future which all professional airline pilots enjoy today, this award honors those pilot groups who are now leading us into an even brighter future,” Moak said. In 2012, ALPA inaugurated the Key Men Society in honor of the 24 brave souls who formed our union 83 years ago. The Society honors those councils who are leading the Association by earning at least 24 percent participation in ALPA-PAC. Also in October, Brendan attended a congressional round table breakfast to discuss the upcoming legislative issues affecting aviation. 

In October, Membership Committee Chairman Matt Dugan and the Membership Committee met with two new-hire classes in Appleton to welcome them to Air Wisconsin and ALPA. The two new-hire classes were a mix of previous airline experience, return from military service, as well as 135 operators. Hiring is picking back up so the committee is expecting the classes to increase in frequency as well as size. Matt states “If you see a new hire out on the line, please extend your hand and welcome them to the Air Wisconsin/ALPA family.” Lastly, Matt asks all pilots to confirm with their fellow pilots that they are receiving ALPA communications. If they are not, please have them contact the Membership Committee at
ARWMembership@alpa.org so that we may remedy the situation.

Scheduling Committee Chairman Tyson Howard would like to remind all pilots to be firm, fair, and friendly when dealing with Crew Scheduling. Follow the guidance on the back of your ARW ALPA badge backer and remember that you are on a recorded phone line. Please report all scheduling related issues to your Scheduling Committee and file an issue form if there is a contractual violation. If you need a badge backer or Part 117 Reference Card, please contact Membership Committee Chairman Matt Dugan at 920-277-2177 or

On behalf of the MEC, I would like to thank all of our volunteers for their dedication. Much of the progress experienced and many of the goals realized by ARW ALPA are achieved as a result of the ongoing efforts of your volunteers. Thank you.

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Margaret Eickhoff



Brian Gambino



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